Baker’s AI Chat Services

Add new dimensions to your website or blog!

Built by bakers for bakers, an AI chat experience your customers will just love!

Ever-Learning Always Up-To-Date

We take the pain out of chat building by offering you the latest in AI chat technology designed for your website or blog. As you add content to your site, our chatbot automatically identifies those changes and makes that information available through your customer chat widget.

Build Customer Engagement

Easy customer email signup, offer coupons, ask starting questions – all features designed to better engage your customers and drive sales.

It’s Your Data!

Add catalogs, product lists, recipes, FAQ’s, or anything you want and let our AI chat bot do the rest.

Add New Services

You have the option to add additional content such as recipes and product redirects to your chat service designed to keep you on your site longer.

Access Wholesale Prices

We have negotiated discounts and or free membership with leading baking suppliers. Over 6,000 products available for you!

See our Pricing Matrix!